Love is poisonous to a friendship
Yes, it is a poison among friends
For when it turns into something deeper,   that is where friendship ends.
I value our friendship above the rest,
   & I like you too much to let go;
But I don’t want to lose this friendship of ours.
I want to cherish it and so
I’d rather have you as a friend than to love & not be the same.
For these are just foolish past times.
Indeed, love is a dangerous game.
One of us is bound to get hurt, or maybe even both.
So, let’s not make it any harder by asking my serious oath.
Commitments are beautiful, I believe, so please don’t get me wrong.
But only when it’s sure of itself……
   only when it’s strong
Since we are neither one of those
And since there is a sort of a rule,
   then I guess, we’ll just have to face it,




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7 responses to “TO A FRIEND

  1. I must disagree with you. But there is such a thing as love between friends, for how could people be friends if they don’t love each other. And come on, even if two friends come to love each other and marry or something, they could still be friends. Yes, they could.

  2. very true…but sometimes Love can turn ugly too..:)

    • yeah! tell me about love gone horribly wrong.. im such an expert in that… sorry for the late reply, i just resigned from my very demanding job and have all the time in the world to reply! 🙂

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