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im very friendly; although most of the time people think that I’m promiscuous than how I really am (but Im NOT!); fine; they think ima BIG FLIRT because i hang out with guys most of the times, but im really not.. im just more comfortable with guys than girls… im like the ultimate guy bestfriend.. probably because i could read guys minds like the back of my hand (w/c accdg to my guy friends makes it so much harder for a normal guy to make a pass at me.. hahahha!!! F*ckin A!) i was in theater, and i was a cheerleader when i was still in school, so they think i’m just some dumb girl with a nice ass (thanks for thinking I have a nice ass.. :9); there’s more to me than just my ass though.. People are actually surprised to know that im intellectual, that I actually have good grades, despite of my never ending social activities.. But I guess it easier for people to assume things about others; labeling them like as if they were talking about some jam jar, not a human being. True, most of the time others think of me as a total brat, and a total mean girl; but you’ll find out im neither of the two (well, fine, maybe im a bit of a brat sometimes).. A lot of people are actually surprised to know that Im very sweet & super thoughtful to my love ones.. But only very few are given that treatment, probably bec only as few of them bothered to get to know the real me.

 IM NOT SUPERFICIAL.. so good looks is just a plus; i need somebody honest, trust worthy & sincere (does this qualities still exist in guys???? kidding!) As of the moment im still undecided on whether to pursue becoming a doctor or to become a chef!!!! so, while I wuz trying to figure out what to do with my life, i worked for DELL (US), then MCI (US telco), & now i now found myself working for SHELL Australia.. No, I don’t know when prices are changing here in manila, I work for AU not PH! But I will be transferred to SHELL UK, by Dec 2007… Something that will deal with G-SAP, etc.

I was supposed to start taking courses in Culinary Arts, but I’ve decided to go get Spanish classes instead… My dad said its about time I practice my spanish… I understand spanish, but I can’t speak it without sounding like a total dork! My highschool bestfriend and I started a business, we’re importing make up, the one that was seen in oprah & other PX beauty products… i will just update you guys about it…




2 responses to “Who is CHICLET?

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