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like flowers in chay, a friendship bloomed unaffected

like children we grew with laughters, tears & cheers in every moment we shared

like lovers, we cared for the needs of each other.

like the wind & sea, side by side, we braved the storm.

like birds in the cold nights, we spread our wings to give each other warmth

like the Great Wall, we sheltered in the comfort of each others arms.


like cowards, no one dares to speak of the concealed love

like friends we thought we ought to remain

like fools, we yielded to our pride

like a martyr, I was willing to give you up

like a blind hero, you reluctantly accepted the challenged.


like the unblessed souls, we suffer the bitterness of losing each other

like strangers, each of us will take his own path

like a story, You and I have it’s end.


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