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Love makes friendship possible
It turns a stranger into a friend.
And when it becomes something deeper.
It is a new beginning & not an end.
If you value our friendship above anything.
You would not be afraid to love me more.
If you fear to do such beautiful deed,
then our friendship has lost its core!
Why have me only as a friend,
When I can be your lover, too?
We have already played the game of love,
The rules haven’t changed; we know what to do.
Or else we’d never beome like these:
FRIENDS that stand by each other side
PARTNERS that look upon another
SOULMATES that have nothing to hide.
Indeed no one is spared from the hurt & the sadness is unbearable if you love not.
It is more painful to be lonely than to love and have fought.
If ever you feel betrayed when I to you propose,
You did not trust me completely,
You did not trust me enough.
Friends, as I have always believed:
a fact we should all gladly face,
a truth that should cause no worry!


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